Friday, October 19, 2007

Haj Bhawan inaugurated in Patna

Patna: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today inaugurated new palatial Haj building and called upon the people to maintain communal harmony and work hard to make the state prosperous and happy.
Construction of this building was started in 2002 and is completed in October 2007 and yesterday on 17th October the Chief Minister said inaugurating it that approx 5 and half crores of rupees has spent on it. Mr Kumar said that the foundation of this magnificent building was laid in the previous Government and the work was also started but due to some technical reason it was stopped. When his Government came in power then the work resumed and now it is completed.
Addressing at the inauguration ceremony, Mr Kumar said there was no dearth of talents in Bihar and if opportunities and congenial atmosphere were provided, they could turn the state into a developed province. Mr Kumar said the Biharis were behind the green revolution in Punjab and Gujarat who had moved ahead on path of industrialisation by dint of hard labour of the people of Bihari origin residing there. That could happen here too,'' he said. ''To respect every person irrespective of his position and influence is the true worship'' Mr Kumar said and emphasised this sort of feeling and spirit could spread the sense of brotherhood and mutual co-existence.
State building construction department minister Monazir Hassan said the construction work of Haj Bhawan was hampered due to bureaucratic hurdle during the previous regime.