Monday, October 29, 2007

Lalu's rally- Sarvesh kumar, A reader expresses his opinion

Good to see huge crowd coming to hear our politicians. Lalu has show his popularity to present government and it is good for Bihar's Janta. We are happy with the wrok done so far by JDU-BJP government. But this strenght show of Lalujee will keep them on toe and I am sure due to peer pressure they will do good job.

I read various news links about this railly and found that he was giving more stress on Narendra Modi (we counter him with Gujrat riots only and not with his work. Although local gujrati's are happy with development work done by Modi), BJP, Dalits, Mushlims, Kayasths, Brahmarshis, Yadavs etc..

Was this rally to increase few more counts in the caste support list? At one hand we see Lalujee for bringing railway in profit and talking great but when it comes to Bihar he lands up dealing caste based politics openly. I am sure IIM-Ahmadabad will honor him again for his open caste based claims.

Hopefully present JDU-BJP government will not carried away and start working on caste based angles rather than development angle.

Sarvesh Kumar/Bangalore