Sunday, October 28, 2007

RJD’s Chetawani to Nitish government in Bihar tomorrow

The RJD is planning to embarrass the Nitish government with its massive Chetawani rally, in Patna, on Sunday. The party leaders were confident that the rally would ring the death knell of Nitish government.

WITH THOUSANDS of Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) supporters already in Patna, the famous Gandhi Maidan in the city is all decked up for tomorrow’s Chetavani Rally being organized against the alleged failures of Nitish Kumar government.

RJD leadership is expecting around ten lakh supporters to hit the Patna streets for pressing the message home.

Senior RJD leader and Patna MP Ram Kirpal Yadav, while talking to merinews said that Chetawani rally is being organized to censure the Nitish government, which has failed on all fronts in Bihar.

The state government has befooled the people of Bihar, alleged Yadav, saying that law and order situation is on the verge of collapse and development work has come to standstill.

People of Bihar have realized that the false nature of Nitish government and this rally will send the message, to either perform or perish, he added.

Commenting on the flood situation which had hit the state hard, Yadav said “Baad mein bihar sarkar bhi beh gayi”, further alleging that the government failed to come to the rescue of the poor people.

People, who are powerful and influential, cornered all the relief material said Yadav, adding that this rally will send the Chetawani to Nitish government that people are fed by its non-performance.

“For the last two months the party cadres have been mobilized to make the rally a success and tomorrow the message will go to the government in an unambiguous manner”, he added.

The roads in Patna meanwhile are witnessing a resurgence of RJD with party hoardings and flags adorning the walls of the main roads and arteries.

Lalita Kumari, a schoolteacher, while talking to merinews said that city has been almost invaded by the RJD workers.

That the rally is being organized on Sunday is a blessing in disguise, said Lalita, adding that there would be a chaos if it happened on a working day.

Being a keen watcher of the political scenario, she informed merinews that huge amount of money is being spent on the political rally by RJD and its supporters. “There are reports in the media that around twenty five trains have been booked by the RJD to bring the supporters from far and wide”, she added.

Political analysts, meanwhile, have said that the rally will revitalize the RJD cadre, as the party needed an event like this to come out of slumber in Bihar. They opine that this was also a preparation for any midterm poll if it ever occurs, though the chances of the same have lessened after UPA government backtracked on the Nuclear deal.

RJD leadership, meanwhile, is upbeat about the Chetawani rally and feels that it will jolt the Nitish Kumar government for its failure to deliver on the promises, which is made during the elections.

Senior RJD leader and Member of Parliament from Khagaria, Rabindra Kumar Rana, in a telephonic conversation said that the Nitish government had ushered ‘jungle raj’ in the state.

The secular fabric of the state which was upheld by RJD is being torn apart by the Nitish government, with people like Pravin Togadia being taken to every part of the state to preach communalism, he allejavascript:void(0)
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Crime is on the rise and the law and order situation in the state has only worsened. The spate of murders, kidnapping and arson has only increased, he said.

“Why has the government failed to check crime”, he demanded to know, adding that Nitish Kumar owed an answer to people of Bihar.