Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Murdered Woman Not Reshma Khatoon

As reported by Patnadaily.com

Much to the chagrin of the opposition leaders, the body of the woman that was found in a sack in Patel Nagar a few days ago turned out not to be that of Reshma Khatoon but of one Kajal kumari who was identified by her two sisters Vibha and Megha and other family members on Monday.

While the identity of the killer or killers of Kajal remains a mystery, the opposition's theory of Reshma Khatoon having been murdered by the Janata Dal (U) MLA Anant Singh fell apart when the family members of the victim made a positive identification of the body.

According to the family members, Kajal, the 20-year old daughter of Biharsharif native Ranvir Kumar Arya, lived in Anandpuri area under Srikrishna Puri police station and worked at a beauty parlor on Frazer Road under an assumed name of Payal.

Bolstered by the latest revelation, the Janata Dal (U) leaders blasted the opposition for making up the Reshma story.

"This was a conspiracy hatched by the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) to malign the NDA government. No one knows who this Reshma Khatoon is and who is her brother who allegedly had a letter written by her indicating threat on her life by Anant Singh," said party state president Rajiv Ranjan, a.k.a. Lallan Singh.

"First they said the body was that of Reshma. Then they said Reshma was the sister-in-law of a bodyguard of the Chief Minister. They also said this Reshma was the sister-in-law of Anant Singh. Now that the truth has come out, why don't the RJD leaders present this Reshma, or her brother, or these bodyguards to prove their case?" Singh said.

The JD-U leader accused the RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav of fabricating stories "out of sheer frustration" caused by the dismal performance of his recently-concluded 'Chetawani Rally'.

"Immense planning went into making up this story and even media was used to propagate their lies," Singh said.

JD-U national spokesperson Shivanand Tiwari also demanded to know how did the surname 'Khatoon' came to be attached with this Reshma. "This was a well-conceived plan to instigate the members of the minority community that fell flat on the RJD's face. The government, nonetheless, must investigate this matter and bring the culprits to justice," Tiwari said.