Sunday, November 04, 2007

Readers Poll

Over last 21 days, Bihar Today conducted an Online poll from its readers about the present Government led by Chief Minister Shri. Nitish Kumar in Bihar.

The question asked was :

Rate the present government and the option given were :

1. Best
2. Good
3. Average
4. Below Average and
5. Worst
6. No Opinion

A total of 76 readers responded from all over the globe. 42 ercent readers rated the present government in Bihar as the best, at the same time 32 percent rated it as good.

Cumulatively 74 percent readers rated the present government as either good or best.

Out of balance 26 percent respondents, 6 percent rated it as average, 3 percent rated it as below average,14 percent rated it as worst and rest 3 percent did not express any opinion.

Final result is as under

1. Best : 42 %
2. Good : 32%
3. Average : 6%
4. Below Average : 3%
5. Worst : 14%
6. No Opinion : 13%


Anonymous said...

whoever say...."nitish government is worse" belong to YADAV community....They only blame nitish as corrupt and Lalu as they are illiterate ppl.

Anonymous said...

Its evident that Bihar Finally has a government, which is trying to work hard and live up to its expectations and still enjoys the trust of people.