Friday, May 30, 2008

Bihar youth crack UPSC against all odds

Cracking the IAS usually means months of expensive tuitions and at least two or three attempts and it helps if you are in one of the country's big cities.However, two young men from Bihar whose financial means are modest, to say the least, have smashed that myth. The duo has made the grade merely out of sheer hard work and meticulous planning.Kumar Ravikant Singh had a punishing schedule over the last few months. A booking clerk by day at a remote railway station in West Bengal and an IAS aspirant by night, Ravikant successfully juggled the twin roles out of his dogged determination.''My father sells milk in the village. Our financial condition hasn't been good. That is why I decided to become an IAS, since it is considered impossible,'' says Ravikant, who has achieved 77th rank in the UPSC examination.Ravikant had a colleague-in-arms in Keswendra Kumar, also a booking clerk from Bihar posted in Bengal. Both nursed similar ambitions since joining the railways four years ago. Their success has burst a myth.''You don't need to be in Delhi or other big cities for that matter to clear the civil service entrance test. All those who are struggling and aspire to make it big in life, keep trying and you will never fail in life,'' says Keshwendra, IAS rank 45.The two railway clerks are all set to join the IAS academy in August. For their first posting, home state Bihar tops the list with West Bengal a close second as that's where they began their climb up the ladder of success.