Friday, May 16, 2008

Kolkata High Court Relieves Tantia

The ouster of Tantia group from Patna Road Project has now become a headache for the govt. of Bihar as the Kolkata high court released a stay order on the govt. decision against the company. Knowingly dissatisfied with the sluggish work speed and loitering attitude by the company, Bihar state road construction department had kick out it from the Patna Road Project and began punitive action against the Tantia construction company, which having headquarter in kolkatta.

Here in Patna as the news came in about the stay order there is a state of mayhem in the road construction department and the chief secretary called in an emergency meeting of engineers & officials and discussed the issue with advocate-general. The advocate-general advised the department to appeal in supreme court against the decision of Kolkata high court.

Earlier in the petition filed before the high court, the company accuses the bihar state road construction department for not listening to its stand. The company claims that the dept. took decision paritally and has begun the action to seize the bank guarantee. With this order, now there is a stay on the govt. action and now the bank guarantee of the company could not be seized. As known, the company had also filed a writ petition in this behalf at Patna high court. Following the decision, the company filed an application in Patna high court on wednesday requesting to get back the writ petition it filed with the same. According to sources, the Tantia wants to settle the case to Kolkata.

While legal experts here says that as the issue of PRP is subject to Patna, hence hearing is not possible to have in Kolkata. Later in the evening sources confirmed that the department is to file a petition in Supreme court against the decision of the learned court.