Monday, May 12, 2008

Neglected-Kakolat-waterfalls-still-popular among tourists

Hundreds of tourists converged at the panoramic Kakolat Hills in Bihar to enjoy the splash of a water fall.

Kakolat Waterfalls is located about 33 km from Nawada in Bihar.

Water cascades down from a height of 150 to 160 ft. A natural reservoir forms at the base of the waterfall. Green forests and a calm and serene atmosphere make it a favourite haunt for tourists.

"A lot of people come here especially during the summer. Over the past two years, a large number of foreign tourists have started coming here," said Umesh Mishra, a priest.

The cold water falling into the natural reservoir makes the spot ideal for water sports including swimming and playing water ball. One can enjoy mountain climbing and trekking in the forest.

"We have come here to bath in the cool waters and it was pleasant. We would like to come here again," said Seema Devi, a tourist.

This popular tourist spot has earned Bihar recognition with even a stamp being brought out.

Kakolat hill is a historical tourist spot with a mythological relevance. Many people come for picnics from different places of India in the summer season.

The fall is about 150 to 160 feet, from the ground level. The scene is panoramic due to all-round green forest area, which is very pleasant to the eyes.

A legend is prevalent that in Treta Yuga a king was cursed by a rishi and had to take the shape of a python and lived here. The place was visited by the Pandavas during their exile.

A large number of people from far and near bathe in the fall. A big fair is held on the occasion of Baisakhi or Chait Shankranti.


mukesh said...

This is wonderful cold water fall....I had been there..just fantastic and beautiful by nature!

Vikash said...

very well written article, i have been to Kakolat during my school days and it was a real fun .