Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dr Tejaswi too in fray from Patna Sahib constituency

PATNA: A young doctor, Dr Diwakar Tejaswi, having already earned fame for his work regarding Aids awareness programme and research at local and
international level is the latest to throw his hat in the election ring. He is being fielded from the Patna Sahib constituency. Dr Tejaswi will contest as a candidate of Bharat Uday Mission which has been launched by the IITians to ensure entry of people with good image in the democratic election process. Dr Tejaswi said that the Mission is fielding its candidates from five parliamentary constituencies, including Patna Sahib constituency, from where he is to file nomination. He said that the falling political standard was of great concern of the IITians who launched the Mission to counter the money and muscle power in electoral politics. "I want to make my campaign for parliamentary election free of caste, religion and monetary considerations. I expect positive response from like-minded persons. If change has to be brought in Indian politics, it is possible only with the participation of sincere, honest and educated youths of the nation," he said. "It is a matter of shame that major political parties are not fielding able candidates from the grassroot level in parliamentary polls," he said. On being elected, he wants to work with a mission to remove waterlogging in the city, wipe out spurious drug racket, check supply of contaminated water to the citizens and oppose killing of Biharis in other states, he said. Dr Tejaswi is the son of ENT specialist Dr K K Sharan.