Saturday, May 23, 2009

Indra’s Drishtikona

With the verdict of Election 2009, many myths got demolished.

1.Diminishing role of Regional parties and emergence of Bipolar India

Perhaps the most significant one was the myth of the role of regional parties. They were becoming the masters of the government in Delhi. It appeared to be correct because of the perception about the limitations of the huge mass of electorate of India that are illiterate or under-literate and uninformed. In many of my writing I kept on appealing for voting the national parties in preference to regional ones. But, whenever I talked with individuals, hardly anyone agreed that to be practical and possible under the changed political and social conditions of the country.

However, the people of India provided the answer. The verdict 2009 of the largest democracy of the world has shown its preferrece for the national parties over the regional ones. Two national parties together have strength of 322 in the house of 543. Most of the regional parties, be it Lalu’s, Paswan’s, or Mulayam’s have lost its number badly. Trinmool in Bengal and BJD in Orissa have succeeded for very different reason. Congress is attempting to get some parties merge with it. I wish, it must keep on trying for Pawar’s NCP and Mamata’s TMC to merge with Congress. However, I doubt that to happen.

2 Leftists’ not indomitable

The cadre based party appeared to be indomitable in Bengal.Because of its pre-poll coalition with the strong regional parties in other states this time, many including myself thought the leftists to increase its number and geography too. However, the gain was too little against the heavy loss. The loss of 32 members by Left reflects the rejection of its model that has failed to provide the governance. The party not only lost a majority of the seats it held in Bengal and Kerala, its vote percentage, the indicator of popular support, also declined. As reported, ‘there are few parallels in history for the rapid ascent of the Communists in 2004, and their deep plunge into near oblivion in 2009′. It all happened because of the rigidity shown by one person, its CEO Karat.

3 Mayawati’s social engineering failed

Many had feared the onslaught of Delhi by Mayawati after her win of Lucknow. She kept on shamelessly pronouncing the same among her followers. But even her staunch followers knew her limitation. They love Mother India more than ‘behen’ who puts on the finest diamond out of their money. I wish she realizes the goal with development projects that she has promised, be it Ganga and Yamuna Expressway or urban development of Varanasi, Mathura, and Ayodhya. Will she slow down on Dalit memorials and build world class educational institutes that provide free education and living for the bright children from Dalit communities or very poor families? She can take lessons how the development politics have paid in Bihar and Orissa.

5 In India even Hardcore Criminals can win

Even the wives and mothers of the convicted criminals who fought election on the ticket and support of the Congress and Lalu lost in Bihar. Mayawati could not make her Robinhood win. Let the government ensure that they remain behind the bar.

6. Politics is one for old, experienced and male.

Many young men and women candidates picked up and enthused properly have won the elction against political stalwarts. I wish the socalled high command entrust them with responsible assignment too so that they don’t get disenchanted. Surprisingly, the number of women elected to Lok Sabha in Election 2009 has been the maximum till date this time.

However, the election of parliament has become the battleground for the rich persons. The poor candidates can hardly win the election unless it is backed by a strong cadre based party such as leftists. Multiplied number of multimillionaire in parliament proves it. I wish the system of selection could be more democratic and through popular choice. I wish the rich in general keeps themselves out of politics and contribute in many other ways in building of the nation unless they really have decided to denounce the riches and work with and for the deprived.

- Indra


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