Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tough job ahead for Nitish Kumar

THIS 15TH Look Sabha election result needs to be analysed.

Lalu Prasad may have lost but still there are eight Yadavs including him and eight Rajputs. While four Rajputs won against Nitish Kumar’s development wave, it’s a major indication for all political analysts for the coming Assembly election.

Another politically aggressive caste, Bhumihars managed to win only four seats and all from NDA. Political pandits say, like nationwide shift of Brahmins votes towards Congress - Bihar Brahmins too voted for Congress but failed to create seats. Bhumihars are with Nitish Kumar but on the ground Nitish Kumar failed to forge a bond between his caste Kurmi and Bhumihars.

Its best example is the way super cop Abhayanand was sidelined by Nitish Kumar himself while the whole world knows that it was Abhayanand who designed a crime-free state for Bihar using tools like Special Auxiliary Police, speedy trials and posting of honest IPS officers.

If Nitish thinks that Rajputs will help him in the coming election, he is mistaken, because this election result has given a clear sign as to who is with whom.

Another major headache for Nitish Kumar is that 15 MLAs have been elected for Lok Sabha which means another bye-poll for 15 Assembly elections where RJD-LJP-COngress will come as a combined force. This will be the real test for Nitish Kumar. This coming bye-poll is also putting pressure on Sonia Gandhi to reserve a cabinet birth for Lalu Prasad in the new government .

Corruption is a major issue which has been temporarily sidelined but in the next poll, it can be a major issue.

Economically backward castes and most backward castes can only save Nitish Kumar and among the forward castes, Bhumihars and Brahmins. So on real ground Nitish must start preparing his poll strategy.


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