Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shatrughan Sinha leads cleanliness drive in Patna

Patna, June 9 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Shatrughan Sinha took the lead in a cleanliness drive in Patna.

Sinha strolled through the dirty streets of Patna in a bid to assess the problems of open garbage dumping.
"This is just a study tour. I have come to streets not give any warning but to express concern.

I want to present all the issues before people through your medium. If the situation here leads to water logging then it can lead to spread of several water-borne diseases like Diarrhoea, Chikungunya, Meningitis apart from Cholera and Plague. The situation might be grave similar to the swine flu scare in the entire world," said Sinha.

Heaps of garbage in streets and sewage spilling all over is a common sight in Patna and have often led to fears of water-borne diseases breaking out in epidemic form. Garbage can be seen lying uncollected on the roads of Patna.

Choked with traffic, some streets are still unpaved and riddled with potholes filled with stinking water from burst pipes. (ANI)