Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Launch of Situational Curriculum


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The Situational Leadership® Model discovered by Dr. Paul Hersey, the Exclusive Original Creator of Situational Leadership® Theory, has continuously been the central force in the remarkable success in building Situational Leadership® leaders in thousands of companies across the world. 

Through more than 200 professionals in 30+ countries, CLS programs, based on the unique Situational Leadership® Model have developed unique leadership skills in over 14 million individuals worldwide. We are, today, building leaders for the increasingly demanding world of tomorrow.

Program Details 

Program Duration Cost per
seat in INR
Service Tax
of 10.30%
Program Dates Certification Dates
Situational Leadership® Fundamentals 1 day 6,000 Delhi – 3 Nov
Mumbai – 10 Nov
Bangalore – 17 Nov
Delhi – 15 Nov
Mumbai – 22 Nov
Bangalore – 28 Nov
Situational Leadership® Practical Application 2 days 9,000 Delhi – 11-12 Nov
Mumbai – 18-19 Nov
Bangalore – 25-26 Nov
Delhi – 16 Nov
Mumbai – 23 Nov
Bangalore – 29 Nov
Situational Coaching 2 days 12,500 Delhi – 2-3 Dec
Mumbai – 8-9 Dec
Bangalore – 15-16 Dec
Delhi – 19-20 Dec
Mumbai – 21-22 Dec
Bangalore – 21-22 Dec

Contact Reema: +91 9811422896
Situational Leadership and Situational Coaching are trademarks of Leadership Studies, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Dr. Paul Hersey
Founder & Chairman
Center for Leadership Studies (CLSTM)

What Clients Are Saying

I highly recommend the Situational Leadership® model as a part of any company's leadership development program.
~Marshall Goldsmith, World Renowned Executive Coach

The impact of Situational Leadership® and CLS™ on our performance is unmistakable.
~Dick Ransom, Senior Program Manager, A Ricoh Company

After attending the Situational Leadership® workshop, our managers are better equipped to lead their employees in taking on projects and/or responsibilities.
~Kris Sakowicz, Motorola

I highly recommend the Situational Leadership® model as a part of any company's leadership development program.
~Troy Van Hauen, Vice President of Human Resources, The Maschhoffs 

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