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Gps Vehicle Tracking solutions

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Tracker field is GPS vehicle tracking solutions service provider . We have all types solutions for all kind commercials & non commercials  vehicles. TF VTS (vehicle tracking solutions) Remove  all errors are responding the giving negative results and tensions to firm  owners. Like suspicious employees, unauthorized use of vehicles, vehicles and fuel stolen. Unnecessary halts without any cause delay delivers and Danger over speeding.


Tracker Field


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After installation of tracking device in your Vehicle  We will provide to you  user id and password for Vehicle tracking.


 Live status of vehicle moving on the map , speed , A/c On/off , Ignition on/off , fuel status , temp status and many things.


Select route for your vehicle


Distance  calculate between you and your vehicle  

Over Speed

Immediate alert , if your vehicle is crossing the limit of allowed speed

Late Start

Which's vehicle are late start according the schedule standard.

Halt Report

Vehicle stoppage &  distance cover by vehicle in km , Track record of each day


Set schedule for vehicle

Journey Details

Which's routs were used  by  vehicles  during the journey. See on the map

Non Journey

Keep eyes on non journey vehicles

Status  Report

By one click . All vehicle status you will be update in excel and PDF format.

Diagnostic  History

Every min  tracking records of vehicle

Fuel History , Temperature  And

Ignition  History , A/C On /Off Report

Refilling point  and  live status of fuel

Temperature setting alerts and live status

Ignition report start and off time records

A/c on /off  reports


Set one or more then 100 POI on the map. Get alert when your vehicle pass the POI.

Over Speed

Unauthorized over speed records


















OTHER   Tracking  Devices



Oil Tanker

Control Monitor and theft  of oil . Where your oil tanker open for oil theft and where is moving now.

Consignments tracking

GPS  sms tracking devices for package, box, pallet, trailer or container will guard against cargo theft and help you recover stolen property.

Assets tracking

 Set the radius  for Monitoring or theft  of assets. 

Access control management systems

Full control on access to control the multiple  devices by one devices

Rfid solutions

RFID Solutions for Assets, Goods, Garments , Equipment Parts, Vehicles, Personnel, Trailers, Containers, Pallets, Roll Cages, Boxes Items etc.

Vehicle / warehouse Temperature solutions

Set the limit of temperature , Temperature cross  the set limit temperature  then  you will be get alert  by sms and ringtone

House and factory

Doors / shutters / cash door

Before and after you what time your house , office , warehouse and cash door open , You will Be know by just  sms and it is deliver on many number who are responsible of  this things , S

Demo vehicle tracking system

Call to us ++91-9136226850 ,


Call to us :- ++91-9136226850

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Reply  Only  To :-   Anil.Trackerfieldcom@Gmail.Com

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