Saturday, February 11, 2012

Your manhood won't fail

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  • You can't perform your husband's duty?
  • Don't worry, we know the way to help you!
  • But first, read it aloud!

A young couple at the s me e djh x sxr olo ih gist's, the man:
- Doctor, I don't know how to perform my husband's duty.
The doctor commands the woman to undress herself, and performs the ne pua ces roz sar xbe y a pc ct bez s.
The man asks:
- Ok, doctor, but when you are busy, what should we do?


I'm sure, that the doctor use V uza ia jbs gr ym a:)
We offer you this m yfn e yfp dic ywd ati dh on for the pa mor nic p uyc ric bkx es.

Vi ex sit the si np te!