Sunday, June 03, 2012


Anti-Viral local Chemical, the name of the chemical is "Polyicx Chemical" and you can only get this chemical in India.

Dear Friend,

Greetings! I have contacted you for this huge business opportunity which will benefit our respective persons, this is typically business. My name is Sir Tim Jones; I am the assistant production officer in my company AnimalLife Veterinary Service. Our company is into production of Pharmaceutical Products and mainly Animal Vaccines in UK and Western. Europe. There is an Anti-Viral  Chemical that our company needs urgently for the production of Animal Vaccines and Anti-viral drugs.

Our company is in desperate search of this Anti-Viral Herbal Chemical for the manufacturing of our animal drugs which i stated above and this Chemical is only produced in India. Our company had a foreign procurement officer who normally go to India to purchase the Herbal Chemical from the local Indian farmers and supply to my company at very high price, but unfortunately our company lost the procurement officer as he died some few months ago leaving no trace of the local Herbal Chemical dealers contact to my company.

My company is desperately in need of this chemical urgently, my company buys this chemical in large quantity because of our production capacity and the company is willing to purchase about 50 Gallons of this chemical once it is found available to buy. The local Indian dealers use to sell the Chemical to our late procurement officer at the rate of 1,502,062.45 INR = $30,000.00 USD per a Gallon and my company director pays our late purchasing officer US$55,000 per each Gallon, you can imagine how much the procurement officer was profiting.

TOP SECRET: I personally have the contact details of the India local dealer where our procurement officer used to purchase the Chemicals in India because he mistakenly misplaced his wallet in my office and i found the dealers contact from one of the receipts which was issued to him when he last went to purchase the chemical from the India farmers. As an employee to this company, it is against the policy of the company for me to get involved in such business and i really want to have my own cake from this business this is why i have contacted you.

If you are interested and capable to handle this business smoothly, kindly reply my mail for more details. We discuss more on this matter and then i forward to you the Indian local dealer contact details and my company director contact detail and present you to my company and director as the new person to immediately supply us the needed Anti-Viral Chemical. Awaiting your urgent reply

Sir Tim Jones