Saturday, August 18, 2012

Remain blessed

Mrs. Maria Elena Fernandez
From Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire
West Africa


I know that this mail may reach you by surprise as we don't know ourselves before.

I am the above name person a citizen of Philippine's married to Mr. Edward Rodolfo Fernandez from cote D'Ivoire my husband was killed with my only son on February 2011 here in Cote D'Ivoire during the war, because my husband is from the same village with president Laurent Gbagbo who was arrested and detained due to his refusal to hand over power to the recognized winner of the election.

My late husband who happened to be one of the campaign managers to President Laurent Gbagbo was killed along with my only son and our family house was set blazed by the rebels.

Before this happened, there is this sum of $7.3musd (seven million three hundred thousand U.S.Dollars) which my late husband concealed in a trunk box and deposited with a security company which he declares and registered it as family valuables.

I have not told anybody about this money which I am telling you about the reason is that I want you to assist me to use the fund for the charity purpose like orphanages, widows etc.

The political situation in my country is very bad and many people have been killed on daily bases.

As the result of the shock which i had following my son and my husband death and the loss of all my properties, my doctor after examining me he told me that i have heart problem and this why I have decided to live the country for security reason.

I am waiting for your urgent reply so that I will give you all the information about this money.

I urgently need your full contact address and your telephone number for easy communication.

Remain blessed
Mrs. Maria Elena Fernandez