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Dark Roasted Blend: Feather Balance Masterpiece

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Feather Balance Masterpiece

Look at this a single to the conclude... outstanding development of a well balanced pole sculpture (fourteen tremendous sticks), starting up from a leading (feather) and doing work "downwards" - a masterpiece by Rigolo Swiss Nouveau Cirque artist Maedir Eugster. This is a limited movie made by Tobias Hutzler:

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Orbiting Mars

A great update on the intriguing "Da Vinci: Mars Design" internet site, focused to "design and style and visible study of the Martian colonization as explained by Kim Stanley here Robinson in his Mars Trilogy" - this notion artwork by Ludovic Celle (more details):

(graphic credit score: Ludovic Celle, simply click to enlarge!)


An Arranged Mess: 1918 German Submarine

This seemingly random tangle of pipes and wheels is the control place of the UB-a hundred and ten German submarine (demonstrating manhole to periscope wall), circa 1918:

(picture through)


Child Cobra Rising from its Egg

This picture is by no implies new, but maybe you did not see it but -

(image via)

"The toddler is capable to treatment for alone instantly, and can unfold its hood and strike on the exact same day it hatches."


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Cruise Ships of the Long term

Ho w about a futuristic cruise ship island? Granted, this is not specifically a brand-new notion, but it still looks pretty neat and radical for our time: a 2002 proposal by the French firm Alstom Maritime and Parisian architect Jean-Philippe Zoppini. Dimensions? 400m by 300m... 29 flooring higher... in a position to accommodate 10,000 passengers:

This cruise ship and lodge blend is also genuinely amazing (remaining picture underneath). The "mother ship" revealed on the correct carries more compact vessels - this is a radical style by Fredrik Johansson, far more information:

(pictures through)

Talking of huge ships, below is an remarkable vintage photograph of a huge dreadnought (from Colliers journal, 1910):

(image credit history: Colliers journal, 1910)


Cold War Soviet Space Effort

... as imagined in the "Incredible Science Fiction" issue from 1953:

"Outstanding Science Fiction" artists ended up good at depicting some intensive area battles, as this instance (by excellent Wally Wooden) amply demonstrates:

(images credit history: "Incredible Science Fiction", concern from 1953)

One particular of the most epic room images I at any time encountered in comic publications:

(picture credit history: Wally Wooden from 1953)


Puppy. Gentle. Serenity

This great photograph was submitted to National Geographic Magazine Image Contest by Julie Pavletich, in 2008:

(picture credit rating: Julie Pavletich, National Georgaphic)


Wonderful intricate backgrounds for traditional "Cerebus" comedian, by Gerdhard

If you did not know about Gerdhard, you need to be aware that he produced some of the most beautiful and innovative backgrounds in comic publications, largely for the Cerebus series:

("Sanctuary" by Gerdhard, graphic through)


Odd Rail Road Vehicle

Quebec Central M-286: a 1929 Packard rail inspection vehicle -

(picture credit score: R.S.Ritchie CPR Ret'd via)

You can see other wonderful hybrid equipment (rail inspection autos) in our characteristic Awesome Rail Road Automobiles.


Enough Day-to-day Mileage - More quickly Than the Legislation Allows!

Examine out this electric vehicle ad from 1914 -

(picture credit: Life Journal, December 1914)

"Yet again has the Rauch an d Lang electric asserted its premiership as Society's picked vehicle. The accomplishment of the new worm push has been instant. This new feature means ongoing leadership in driving good quality just as the lovely human body traces, rich finish and extremely refinement in every single element have often marked supremacy of Rauch and Lang construction. They are enthusiastic because the Rauch and Lang Straight Type Worm Generate (best mounted), which is superior to all other individuals, implies a greater than ever all 'round effectiveness, a silence that is manifest, a energy financial system hitherto mysterious and a driving simplicity that appeals to the most timid ladies. The Rauch and Lang is the maximum priced car on the marketplace. Its price is readily evident to these who seek in a vehicle inventive and mechanical perfection."

Another excellent classic ad: "Textbooks Rather of Vodka!" - Do not consume vodka, study textbooks (will make a great t-shirt assertion).

< img src="" alt="" />

This is really a lottery ticket from the twenties Soviet Russia created to combat alcoholism.


The "Five Star Stories" Rebooted in Japan!

Following a couple of many years hiatus, the truly epic room experience saga "5 Star Tales" is restarting in the Might issue of Newtype journal! (sorry fellas, only Japanese version so considerably). This wonderful lifework of Mamoru Nagano has been wildly common in Japan for the earlier twenty years... and following sampling a handful of English-translated volumes of this extremely-thorough manga, it truly is effortless to see why.

How about this cute "5 Star Tales"-themed coin elephant? -


How to get an added piece of chocolate... for free

Or even to stop up with never-ending, life time supply of chocolate:

(authentic mysterious)

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