Monday, September 02, 2013

Toyota drops detail about 414-hp Hybrid-R concept powertrain- Autoblog


Much more particulars on the new Toyota notion that will make its debut at the Frankfurt motorshow

In planning Yaris Hybrid-R, Toyota has produced a supermini concept like no other. Based on a reworked three-doorway generation product, Yaris Hybrid-R harnesses Toyota's race-winning sports hybrid technologies in a powertrain that develops more than 400bhp.

The principle will look for the first time at the Frankfurt motor demonstrate up coming month, but forward of the unveiling, Toyota has launched more specifics about its specific engineering characteristics.

In simple conditions, the powertrain features a one.6-litre petrol Worldwide Race Motor and two powerful electric motors that give the automobile intelligent electrical all-wheel generate. It also makes use of a supercapacitor Tripod to harvest and shop power, just like Toyota's TS030 Hybrid Le Mans car.

The motor is a turbocharged 4-cylinder device with direct injection, designed by Toyota Motorsport (TMG) in accordance to international sporting restrictions. This indicates it can probably be utilised in a variety of various racing classes. While the engine drives the entrance wheels, every single rear wheel is driven by a 60bhp electric motor รข€" the identical as that employed in the regular Yaris Hybrid.

In combination, the factors in the hybrid powertrain make highest electricity of up to 414bhp (309kW). The two electric motors work as electric powered generators when the automobile is braking, and health supplement the petrol engine's efficiency below acceleration.


Just as in the Toyota Racing TS030 Hybrid race automobile, vitality recovered below braking is stored in a supercapacitor. Compared to the standard nickel metal-hydride battery utilized in Yaris Hybrid, the supercapacitor has a larger power density and a quickly energy charge/discharge velocity. This helps make it properly suited to the calls for of track driving in offering brief, fast bursts of energy.

The level of energy is dependent on the period of power supply essential. So, when Yaris Hybrid-R is managing in "street" method, the supercapacitor releases power for a highest ten seconds for each demand, and the whole power of the two electrical motors is lowered to 40bhp. In "observe" manner, the motors get to a blended optimum of 119bhp for up to five seconds per cost, reflecting the more regular braking and acceleration in circuit driving.

Sophisticated traction handle

A third 60bhp motor is positioned amongst the engine and six-velocity sequential transmissions. This operates as a generator, each for the duration of deceleration to feed energy to the supercapacitor, and for the duration of acceleration to energy the rear electric motors.

The latter only occurs when motor power and torque exceed the entrance wheels' grip limit. The generator operates like an superior traction management program, redirecting torque as electrical vitality to the rear wheels, to improve acceleration and increase managing instead than basically to limit motor electrical power.

Torque vectoring

The rear electrical motors can have a huge affect on Yaris Hybrid-R's handling when cornering, by altering the torque distribution among the still left and correct rear wheels.

Every motor can be utilised independently as a generator or a motor to achieve the identical influence as an smart torque vectoring differential.

Dependent on the radius of the curve, the technique can ship far more torque to the exterior rear wheel, allowing larger entry speed into center-speed bends utilize much more braking drive to the within wheel in fast curves or even brake and accelerate every wheel independently in gradual bends to alter the yaw influence for a better line, and to restrict steering angle and understeer.