Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Super Cop quits Super-30, says experiment is over

Senior IPS officer Abhayanand has decided to dissociate himself with the 'Super-30', which he founded along with maths wizard Anand Kumar, to coach 30 economically backward students crack IITJEE every year.

The decision of Abhayanand, who taught physics to the aspirants, comes only days after JEE results were announced this year and all the Super-30 aspirants made it.

"It is a conscious decision,” the IPS officer told TOI . Asked about the reason, he said Super-30, started in 2003, was never an institution for him.

"It was like an experiment where we showed path to 30 students coming from deprived sections of the society every year," he said and added having achieved the desired cent per cent results in the sixth year, the experiment phase is over.

"Any further association with Super-30 would belittle my perspective of doing something for the deprived sections on a larger level," he said.

He said he would be available for IIT aspirants seeking his help. "It would be like taking the experiment from the lab to the society," he said and added he is open to use his expertise, whatsoever it is, in other fields as well.

Abhayanand said Anand is a professional teacher while he is professional cop and teaching is his passion.

"I would continue to pursue this passion whenever I can take time off my other commitments," he said.

Anand sounded upset. "Abhayanand's decision has left me shocked," he said, adding, however, that Super-30 classes would continue.


coomerjee said...

Abhyanand jee is a mature and successfull person so whatever decision he has taken should must have a valid reason but he should not dissociate fully from super 30