Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lust for power spelt doom for BJP: Puri seer

Courtsey : The Times of India

PATNA: Puri's Shankaracharya Swami Nischalanand Saraswati on Monday attributed the debacle of BJP in the just-concluded Lok Sabha elections to its
"niyat aur niti mein antar (the fact that the BJP's intentions were different from its policies)". Talking to reporters here, the seer said the BJP earlier surged ahead due to its Hindutva agenda. The same agenda has now been back-burnered on the pretext of coalition compulsions. "Sattalolupta rajniti ka paryay ban gaya hain. Sattalolup gathbandhan desh ko patan ki ore le ja rahi hai (Politics today has become synonymous with lust for power; alliances for the sake of power are leading the country towards the doom)," he said and added over 60% voters did not exercise their franchise and made their intentions clear to the power-starved politicians. He charged the BJP with using the Hindutva card for political gains. "People are wise; they cannot be misled," he said. Speaking about terrorism, the seer said all the political parties should sink their differences and unitedly tackle terror. There were many who thought the Mumbai terror attack would impact elections in Rajasthan and Delhi. "However, Congress grabbed power in both the states," he said and added common people are more worried about "roji-roti" and not terror. He said Bihar is witnessing development all around. "People are now moving with their family members even after the dawn of the dusk," he said.


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