Monday, November 16, 2009

MBA graduate generates power, lights up village

Patna: An MBA graduate from Delhi has found an innovative way to generate electricity in a Bihar village.

He runs an unconventional power plant in the village which provides electricity to all houses round the clock.

“We took this initiative so that people in the village get electricity round the clock,” says proprietor Vivek Gupta.

It was Vivek’s father who had initially set up the plant. He started producing electricity first from wood and hay and later from daicha weeds.

After sometime Vivek took over the plant and took it to a larger scale.

The plant which was started as a small initiative by the family in a remote corner of Bihar is now lighting thousands of households and has changed the way people lived in the region.

Vivek’s plant produces 128 kw of power, which is enough for 200 business establishments, two cold storages and over 2500 houses.

“Because of this power plant my child can study under bright light,” says a villager.

This locally produced electricity comes at slightly higher prices but for the villagers it is any day better than having no electricity at all.