Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bihar sets up a rural BPO to stop migration


MADHUBANI (BIHAR): In an attempt to provide employment opportunities to the locals and to stop them from migrating to other states, Bihar has set up a Business Process Outsourcing Unit (BPO) in a remote village of the State's Madhubani District.

The BPO at Saurath Village has empowered locals.

The employees are mostly Hindi speaking, but they admit that they are learning to speak English also.

It is indeed fascinating to see homemakers and labourers working efficiently at the call centers.

"We need to engage them to stop this problem of brain drain and migration. I feel if we are able to do this, then these problems will stop to a great extent. I believe this is the first of its kind, the first rural BPO in India," said Kamlesh Kumar, the manager of Drishti Business Process Outsourcing.

Locals feel that now their children need not be humiliated by the recent migrants' row in the country that targeted North Indians directly.

"We want to learn things in life so that it helps us ahead in life. We are from backward area. This training in computers and BPO will really help us," said Alok Kumar Thakur, a trainee.

There are around 35 literate boys and girls from the village who are undergoing a three-month training course.

The employees feel that it is a true blessing as they are getting trained and being paid for it also.

The information and technology sector employs 700,000 people. It is expected to provide direct employment to about two million by 2012. But this venture is one of its kinds and the first one.

Ranjan Rituraj Sinh , NOIDA